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Filters General

Usually ignored, your furnace (sometimes called an air handler) filter protects both equipment and your living environment. To visualize consider the furnace/air handler system as a giant vacuum cleaner with a fire in the middle of it. One side sucks and the other side blows. The air filter is on the suction side and keeps airborne contaminants such as dust, pet hair, dryer lint etc. out of coils and heat exchangers.

Plugged coils or heat exchangers can cause damage to the equipment or at the very least compromise the operation of the equipment. The health aspect of airborne pollutants in the house can also affect those with respiratory issues. Warkentin’s can provide solutions to air filtration in the house with a selection of quality filters. If a problem is more metal ducting in nature, we can troubleshoot the problem area and offer a solution.

Specialized Filter Systems

If you require a more comprehensive filtering system due to allergies or health problems, we can offer a Hepa style filtration method. Usually, an add on to the duct system, a Hepa system runs continuously and extracts air from the return air duct prior to the main filter. It filters the air and reintroduces the filtered air back to the system.

Ensuring the Correct Filter for Your Furnace

If you are changing filters yourself, Warkentin’s maintains a large inventory of many shapes and sizes being available for pickup at our showroom. Warkentin also has access to the many various sizes and shapes of filters, so we can usually acquire the correct filter you need. Providing us with a photo of the outside casing of the filter will usually give us the model and part number to assist us in getting the correct filter for you.


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