Sump Pumps


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Sump Pumps

Often unnoticed until it fails, and your basement has a pool of water on it, your sump pump is an integral part of the building envelope. If you are reworking the basement/foundation area we can build and install the pit with its drainage system. We can install a typical float style sump pump and a backup system in the event of a power failure. We can offer maintenance on the pump and pit to help ensure your house and belongings are protected against an unwanted intrusion of water.

Ejector Pumps

If your dwelling relies on a septic bed, or if the basement is lower than the street sewers, we can build an ejector system to dispose of the waste that normally uses gravity.

Our Service

Call us immediately if you discover that your sump pump has stopped working, and we will be with you as soon as possible to limit the amount of damage. In the area of Essex there are many sump pumps installed, and our plumbers are experts in all facets of these pumps. If your sump pump is broken and beyond repair we can replace it immediately with a pump from our stock or we can order your preferred brand if necessary. All deliveries of sump pumps are rushed to us so that we can get your sump pump up and running as soon as possible.


We have been a part of Essex County for 35 years. We continue to service Essex County including the following:

  • Kingsville
  • Harrow
  • Essex
  • Leamington
  • Ruthven
  • Cottam
  • Colchester
  • Woodslee
  • Wheatley
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