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A humidifier can be one of the most important HVAC accessories to ensure your comfort next to your furnace and A/C. Its job is to produce enough water vapour in the air to offset the dry winter air that can be present in your home during the heating season.

Today’s humidifiers are much more advanced than the style of years ago, and while requiring less maintenance, they are not considered maintenance free.

At Warkentin’s we can help you keep your humidifier in top operating condition and ensure it is controlled correctly by the heating equipment.

If you replace an existing humidifier, or if you wish to add a humidifier, we can help you make the decision between bypass style or steam units.


We have been a part of Essex County for 35 years. We continue to service Essex County including the following:

  • Kingsville
  • Harrow
  • Essex
  • Leamington
  • Ruthven
  • Cottam
  • Colchester
  • Woodslee
  • Wheatley
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