Warkentin Plumbing is not just plumbing, heating and air-conditioning, we also do full bathroom renovations. We can redesign your old-style bathroom to give it a new up-to-date look, as well as new excellent bathroom plumbing and fixtures. Of course, we also install completely new bathrooms as well.

Whether you want your new bathroom to be modern, elaborate or rustic, we can do it all. We carry a variety of bathroom fixtures in our Kingsville showroom and also have a selection of the main brand catalogues for you to choose from. Don’t let an outdated bathroom spoil your home, it can be brought up-to-date, and made more functional, ¬†at a reasonable price.

It is more efficient and less costly to have all your bathroom work done by one company, so let us give you a quote for everything that needs to be done, including a heated floor if you wish. Our expert plumbers and our craftsmen will be able to give you a fully functional bathroom with excellent fixtures and finishes to make your new bathroom look amazing!

Here are a few image styles to get you started: