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Without a ready supply of Hot Water our life would be much different. We use it for cleaning both ourselves and things we need to be cleaned. We can also use it for a heat source if utilised correctly. Warkentin can supply you with the equipment to make all the hot water you may need for any of your reasons.

Historically a storage type water heater is usually the prime source of hot water and we can supply or service these types of water heater. Today’s market is now seeing a large increase in the use of On Demand or Tankless water heaters. At Warkentin we keep up with the innovations in the industry and we sell and service these compact types of water heater.

Hot Water Boilers have generally been considered a second-rate type of heating system compared to forced air, but those that enjoy the benefits of Hot Water heat are happy with the result.

Our Plumbing and HVAC departments work together to give you the best these types of heating systems have to offer. Whether you need a modern compact boiler or just have an existing unit with its various components serviced, we have the skills and years of experience working on these amazing systems to offer you.

We are pleased to offer the following Hot Water services to our community:



We have been a part of Essex County for 35 years. We continue to service Essex County including the following:

  • Kingsville
  • Harrow
  • Essex
  • Leamington
  • Ruthven
  • Cottam
  • Colchester
  • Woodslee
  • Wheatley
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